Hosein Shirahmadi

Hosein Shirahmadi

“Whom” 2019

On busy city sidewalks, scores of colorful worlds, a variety of feelings and memories, happy and sad, hopeful and anxious, all pass each other by. Each person has their own world where no one else can enter. One is hurrying to catch the metro in order to knock on her sister’s door on time because her only child has packed her bags to go on a long trip to study abroad for a long time and leave her recently widowed mother behind. Another hurries to give his wife the results of her pregnancy test face to face and there is another…
It is the face of the only one to push aside, just a bit, the curtain covering this chaotic and diverse world in order to hide the details of what is happening in the other world, extending its reflection for your viewing.
A face, the gateway to an interior mysterious world
A face, a silent and voiceless narrator
“Ahmad Pouri”

The Contemporary Artist’s View of Portraits/Faces/Figures
26 July – 16 August 2019
Visiting hours:
Sunday to Thursdays 2-8pm
Fridays 2–9pm
In/Ja Gallery is closed on Saturdays.

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